A Different Perspective of Tasikmalaya

Who would have thought Tasikmalaya offers a nice peaceful area of tea plantation? One hour ride from town via motorcycle or car – reaching the destination isn’t a struggle for anyone because the road was nicely built with smooth asphalt. So, Tasikmalaya is not always about handicrafts, batiks and embroidery.


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Where to go around City of Banda Aceh?

Banda Aceh

  1. Benteng Indra Patra

I have to tell you that this place is a must go for a visit if you happen to travel to Banda Aceh! Located at Ladong Village, Masjid Raya District, Aceh Besar Regency this fortress was built during the influence of Hindu times before Islam came into Aceh at 604 AD by Putra Raja Harsya that once ruled India and ran away from the chase of Huna’s people.

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