What to do in Bintan?

Coordinates: 1°04′36″N 104°30′01″E

Bintan Island is situated inside the Riau Islands Province just 45-50 minutes ferry ride away from Singapore. I remember before I travelled there, I thought that Tanjung Pinang- the capital of Bintan was located in the Riau Province which is part of the Sumatra Island. I did my mini research to find out that Tanjung Pinang, Island of Bintan is actually located near Singapore and is the biggest island among the Riau Archipelago. I was psyched to know about this.


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A Different Perspective of Tasikmalaya

Who would have thought Tasikmalaya offers a nice peaceful area of tea plantation? One hour ride from town via motorcycle or car – reaching the destination isn’t a struggle for anyone because the road was nicely built with smooth asphalt. So, Tasikmalaya is not always about handicrafts, batiks and embroidery.


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