The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet

The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet
The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet

Personally, I would like to say thank you for those who had purchased one of my valuable items which is The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet. Congratulations! because you have just actually support Indonesian local product, home industry, and creativity. Besides that, you highly appreciate and respect the Indonesian creative business. Other then making friendships around the nation as one of my visions, I would like to help stimulate the Indonesians creative business to be better, valuable and progressive. Although small steps but I believe its better to act small then nothing at all. For those who already have it, I hope the blessing bracelet would give you a lot of meaning and goodness | The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet: [IDR 25.000] [USD 5] – delivery cost is not included yet ; we also receive mass order. For business info please contact ✉️:


My idea of The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet doesn’t pop in my mind instantly. It was born through my many years of adventure with my spirit of peace, love, adventure, nature and positivity. Discovering a lot of local people, culture and nature has been such a blessing for me 🙂 I am so thankful for it.

The combination of ideas about The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet that I had discovered through my journey are :

Idea combination


The Benefits of purchasing The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet

  • Support creativity and art through home industries.
  • Spread positive energy through positive words, actions and thoughts.
  • Feel wonderful because we show care and love for each other.
  • Exclusively handmade from the unique archipelago Indonesia.


What It’s Best For

Other than for personal lifestyle, charm, and fashion; The Adventuress Blessing Bracelet is suitable for gifts, charity, and souvenirs.

How To Wear It (For Personal & Others)

You tie the bracelet directly to your/someone else’s wrist and you will be blessed with The Adventuress’s spirit of peace, love, adventure, nature and positivity.

Or tie it around your/someone else’s wrist while making a personal wish/blessings. Let your personal positive energy of words, action, thought and feeling goes within the bracelet. Let it act as a charm or reminder of the blessings you make or let the person carry your blessings wherever they go.



Wear it a minimum of 3 days or until it has worn out.

Tie it strongly so it won’t fall off too soon from the wrist.


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