Tirta Gangga


Tirta Gangga

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Tirta Gangga

Located 2 hours away by car from Kuta, the Bali Water Palace Tirtagangga settles near Ababi village, Abang sub-district, Karangasem Regency. Tirta Gangga in general means water from the Holy river of Gangga in India this was built to pay respect for the Hindu Balinese people.

Tirta Gangga fish pond
Tirta Gangga Fountain
Tirta Gangga Garden

Tirta Gangga were designed and constructed by the King of Karangasem Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem (1887-1966) in 1948, who was the last King of Karangasem. The ground of the water garden features 1.2 hectares consists of three complexes which are:

  1. The first complex has two large ponds and a water tower.
  2. The second complex are the swimming pools, and
  3. The third complex is the former Raja’s (King) resting area.
The Bali Water Palace
The Tirta Gangga Garden


The garden was beautifully designed with Hindu Historical statues, maze of stepping stones, fish ponds, fountains and tropical plants.  The lotus flower blooming adds up the beauty of the Water Palace.

Fiona Callaghan on the carved stepping stones maze
The Bali Water Palace of King Karangasem

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All photographs and videos are taken by Fiona Callaghan.

Note from The Adventuress:

Always stay as a Conscious Adventurer with The Adventuress spirit of Peace, Love, Adventure, Nature, and Positivity or PLAN+ in short. With that, you wouldn’t want to harm the nature and destroy it. Rather you would want to explore the earth to learn its beauty as your private experience that will teach you to be a better person each day and value the wonderful creation of God.

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Fiona Callaghan
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  1. Great post! I really like this place! East Bali is also my favorite area in Bali. Thats why we also had our wedding in the Karangasem area. We went to Tirta Gangga in 2012 and I also went swimming in the swimming pools. I also heard that it’s possible to have a wedding at Tirta Gangga, I imagine must also be a unique experience.

    1. Tirta Gangga garden is just so beautiful! I have been there twice and I do want to go there again. I am not sure if they can open for wedding ceremony but that would be soo great. I haven’t tried the swimming pool yet and maybe i should try it next time

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