This shop is about natural beads and inspired by Indonesian culture. The highlight themes of the jewelry & fashion are about tribal, rainforest and tropical island that perfectly represent Indonesia.
We minimize the use of plastic as much as we can include packaging. We also want to help press down delivery cost. Please contact us first to check shipping rates. If you have other requests please contact us through our contact form below.
Rainforest Princess Earrings 
Delivery cost 35 USD 
Made of jobs tears beads, glass beads, and bamboo.
Available in blue, white, yellow. Please write down which colour you want before you pay.
Rain forest Princess Earrings
Rain forest Princess Earrings
Archipelago Necklace
Mountain Tribe (Brown colour)
Waterfall Teardrops (Blue colour)
Mystical Forrest (Green colour)
USD 11
Delivery cost 35 USD
Please write down which colour you want before you pay.
Pick a necklace that most drawn to you. 
Each theme has its own special beads as amulets which are rudaksha, jobs tears and red saga beads. 
Bring it along with your adventures for PLAN+ spirit & blessing that stands for Peace, Love, Adventure, Nature and Positivity.  
Double wrap necklace
Length approximately 50" ( 127 cm )
The sizes and colour of each beads vary because they are natural and handmade beads. Usually the nature lover and adventurer would understand about this. 
Tropical Princess Earrings
Delivery cost 35 USD
Made of rudaksha beads, glass beads, and bamboo.
Please write down which colour you want before you pay.
Blessing beads Bracelet
Delivery cost 35 USD
Jobs tears beads known as the blessing beads. Planted at the customary land of Sunda.
99 Blessing Beads Necklace
USD 15
Delivery cost 35 USD
Made of jobs tears beads and rudaksha beads.
Thank you!
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