Rapa’i-Aceh’s traditional music percussion

When: 26th – 30th August 2016. Its an annual event. Please check the schedule at www.indonesia.travel
Where: Banda Aceh City, Taman Ratu Safiatuddin. It was also held at Taman Budaya and Taman Tsunami.

Events: International music percussion event. Performance of Rapa’i and by other countries music percussion such as Thailand, Iran, Malaysia and China.
How: Take a flight to Banda Aceh (BTJ)
My experience:
The Aceh International Rapa’i Festival was held for the first time in Banda Aceh – the capital city of Aceh Province. Rapa’i is a traditional Acehnese percussion music instrument. It is mostly used for religious ceremonies such as marriage, circumcision, birthdays, anniversaries and dance performances.

Aceh International Rapa’i Festival

There were also international traditional performances from Thailand, Iran, and Malaysia. It was a good event for sharing ideas, performances and music between artists and nations.
The stage and sound system was really good but the weather wasn’t that supportive. It was held during the start of a rainy season. Although there were a huge tent there was a gap between the stage and the audiences. The audiences mostly got wet from the storm especially those who sat by each side of the tent. Despite that the event still goes on.
Overall, I love the traditional music being played seriously and energetically so that the audience was mesmerised and being merged into the music.
There were also culinary, fashion and souvenir booths and tents for those who wants to have a quick bite or to shop around a little bit.
The main show were held in Taman Ratu Safiatuddin. Usually the night show performances were held from 21.00 pm and up which was very late while the storms usually starts around that time. The show then ends around 24:00 or 1 am midnight time. The Government needs to think about the late night event schedule and weather. Hopefully next year is going to be better.

For more information you may click the link here: www.indonesia.travel

All photographs and videos are taken by Fiona Callaghan.
Note from The Adventuress:
Always stay as a Conscious Adventurer with The Adventuress spirit of Peace, Love, Adventure, Nature, and Positivity or PLAN+ in short. With that, you wouldn’t want to harm the nature and destroy it. Rather you would want to explore the earth to learn its beauty as your private experience that will teach you to be a better person each day and value the wonderful creation of God.
Peace & Light,
The Adventuress
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