Topic's about life has been Fiona Callaghan's most interests. With her spirit of peace, love, adventure, nature and positivity (PLAN+) she loves to support & contribute about the youth of Indonesia causes, social cultural, education, literation and women's empowerment programme. Developing FC LIFE COACH doesn't happen instantly. It took a long journey to achieve it. It all started from self-evolution, looking for self identity, searching for life purpose and making lists of personal life goals. With more or less then 11 years of experiences, ever since 2007 she started off mentoring for Youth Ambassadors, being source speakers for multiple topics of travelling and empowerment, to teaching, coaching and mentoring into the remote places in Indonesia, by -conciousness or not - or even with purpose or not at all, she is at her most happiness if she could enlighten people, reduce negative energy within somebody else, and giving guidance for those who needed it. It is a passion. 
But not only that, there are other elements and factors that shaped her to become a Life Coach. Her hobbies of adventure had made her see things and discover the reality in fields such as unbalanced prosperity, the impact of technology, and low education values. Because of that, She wants to make further improvements for the Indonesian people and make them realise their life aims and dreams especially for the youth of Indonesia.
FC Life coach is about empowering people. Unlocking their hidden talent and unknown potentials to become a personal leader, role model, and change maker for their region. To give guidance upon achieving life goals, build personal development and create personal branding for today's life dynamic and challenging era.
Based on observation and experiences on empowering people, the common personal problems are lacking confidence, life skills, professionalism, life goals, and self esteem. Also, mostly accompanied by confusion, stress, frustration, depression and pressure impacts derived from issues of social, environment, leadership, human rights, peace, body image; sexual and reproductive health, and violence against women. 
Teaching - Coaching - Mentoring
Indoor & Outdoor Class
Journaling, interviews, counselling, activities, practice
Personal Development, Leadership, Communication Skills, Public Relations skills, Public Speaking, Life Skills, Personal Branding, Modelling, Wellness, Team Building, Self Healing.
Become a changemaker, influencer, leader, ambassador, role model
Abilities to deal with life changes & challenges. Ex: discrimination & bullying
Have voice
Positive contribution to society
Feeling empowered, enlightened, motivated, healed, genuine, unique
Improved social skills, communication skills, life balance
Confident, good self esteem, self respect and for others, self awareness
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